Advantages of the Electrostatic Sprayer

We all know about spray systems whether spray bottle or pump up sprayers.  You can buy this kind of equipment anywhere.  These sprayers use a lot more product than the misting sprayers.  So, if you want to saturate and serious wet the surface, spray equipment is just fine.  However, there are products, like H Factor, that are more costly and need only a fine misting to do the job.  That is where electrostatic sprayers are king.  It basically means using a tool that matches the job.

The electrostatic sprayer was first used heavily by the paint industry because this process could be applied more evenly than standard paint spraying systems.  Several years ago, we saw the introduction of electrostatic spraying systems for other applications.  Back then, they were heavy, expensive, and required hoses and cords that made the equipment not so portable.

More modern versions of the electrostatic sprayer, reduced the size and weight, but applicators still struggled with power cords and hoses as they treated a variety of furniture encumbered jobs.

With the introduction of the Victory electrostatic sprayer, the power cord was gone, and a new age of application opportunities opened up.  This was helped by a variable set of nozzles for light, medium, and heavy application.  So, there is renewed interest in all the ways an electrostatic sprayer can be used.  Add to these features, a far less expensive purchase price, and it is obvious that the electrostatic sprayer has graduated to a "Must Have" piece of equipment for any professional remediation service.

Finally, electrostatic sprayers use the product more efficiently because there is less over-spray.  Because of the electrical attraction of the spray, it is attracted to and clings to surfaces.  But, there is more to the science of this process.  Surfaces tend to be positively polarized, the spray is negatively charged.  When the spray is applied, the areas first treated become neutralized meaning the spray will be drawn to the untreated areas.  So, the application is more uniform and complete.

And, the mist spray uses less product to get the full effect than a spray or ULV fogger system.  That means that the electrostatic sprayer will undoubted become the popular choice of professional who need a reliable and effect spray system for a large variety of application chores.