Allergy Abatement

Some health issues are easily diagnosed, but some problems are mysterious.  Anyone suffering from a nagging health issue may wonder why they struggle to operate like others can be more than frustrating.  Allergies and chemical sensitivities are less than an outright disease that diminish the quality of life for millions of people.

Diagnosing the source of allergies and sensitivities is akin to catching flies in the night.  This is because the health issue is subjective and many be a compound problem from several sources.  Could the problem be a bodily failure, an allergy, asthma, hidden toxins, dietary problems, mold, or chemical sensitivities?

To sort it all out requires test after test, elimination strategies, environmental analysis; we may be most unclear about the cause.  That is because all the testing is still measured against the perceived impact of the patient.

The complexity of testing, measuring, and evaluating the potential threats is costly and mostly inconclusive.

There is the potential os sidestepping the guesswork, and applying a comprehensive solution that has the potential of immediate relief.  Using a complete treatment of the house, H Factor can detoxify, decontaminate, and sanitize the building.  H Factor does many things with one application.  They are:

  1. Odor elimination
  2. Provide a high degree of sanitizing
  3. Kill mold and mildew on contact
  4. Strip the air of particulate
  5. Neutralize VOCs, TICs, and chemical residue
  6. Destroy biofilm and grease film

In other words, H Factor treats everything that is likely to cause allergenic or chemically-initiated reaction.  So, we have an end-run on problems with an environmentally-hazardous source.  Though it will not necessarily help with the diagnosis, the omni-solution may eliminate the source(s) causing physical reaction.  It is very likely that a full-house treatment will give immediate relief to those with health vulnerabilities.  If so, we have a temporary solution that may be used until more complete diagnosis is made.