Decontamination is not just for major biohazards.  More than a few homes, offices, schools, and apartment complexes are becoming toxic to human life because of common problems that happen in every community.

I recall the dentist asking me to chew something that would turn the plaque on my teeth to a bright red.  As a kid, I was ignorant of the plaque that could cause tooth loss later in life.  But, the lesson taught me about the stuff I could not see.  And, my mother always required we all brush our teeth each night.  So many lessons in life are just that simple.

As a professional on everyday, household environmental issue, I’d like to cause a red stain on the buildup and pollution in homes, schools, workplace, and gyms we frequents.  If so, we would see dirt, dirt, chemical pollution, smoke and ash, pollen, bacteria, virus, mold and mold spores to list the common items.  Even the insect waste is far more pervasive than we might  imagine.

Odors serve a distinct purpose.  They sends signals to everyone.  Smells tell us that the food is ready, or it is spoiled.  Clothes are fresh or badly in need of washing.  Or, someone has been smoking in the car.  This type of decontamination does more than masking bad odor with a better fragrance.  True decontamination seeks and destroys the odor source so the odor is eliminated so it does not return.

Mold is another invasive and unwanted environmental threat.  Mold is a known allergen and potential toxigenic heath threat.  Mold remediation is more than cleaning the surface.  Decontamination of mold destroys mold at the source as well as the spores spread throughout the building.

Infection control requires a treatment that quickly destroys even the worst of bacteria, virus, or infectious threats.  Most sanitizers are only partially effective and become less effective as bacteria develop immunity to repeat applications.

Gross environmental threats include, death scenes, hoarder homes, previous tenant with pets and bad cleaning habits, drug houses, fire and flood, and serious insect problems.

Insects can go from annoying to a major problem in short order.  The droppings or feces from insects can fester hundreds of pathogens that threaten the heath of your family.

The absolute best decontamination product is a stabilized product called “Activated Hydrogen Peroxide” that can easily be applied to any building with little environmental concern.  AHP product are applied in a spray or mist with the incredible ability to treat all of the above contamination problem without introducing more hazardous chemicals.

AHP can solve a vast array of odor, mold, chemical, or infection threats in one simple treatment.  Yet, after application this eco-friendly treats reduces to just water and oxygen.

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