Better Than Ozone for Odor Removal

Ozone has been the classic odor removal concept for twenty years, and it seemed that there were no rivals for ozone.  Ozone is a gaseous oxidizing, and H Factor is a liquid oxidizing product that rivals or surpasses ozone at every level.  Professional odor removal services may the process of retiring the worn out ozone generators for something better.

H Factor is an EPA registered product that will effectively eliminate odors at the source, kill mold and mildew on contact, and sanitize at hospital levels.  

H Factor is delivered in a spray treatment that is done in a fraction of time, delivers a power neutralizing treatment, and leaves no strong after-smell like ozone.

As good as ozone may be, it has its shortcomings.  Treatments can take hours, but if you over-treat with ozone, the ozone smell can embed and last for months after the treatment.  Ozone does not neutralize certain chemicals, like formaldehyde.  Instead, ozone changes formaldehyde to another form of aldehyde.  Finally, prolonged ozone exposure can deteriorate rubber and soft plastics.

There are none of these shortcomings with H Factor.  But, you get all the benefits.  And, it is impossible to over-treat the problem.