Hate those bad car odors?  Defunk that smelly car.  Those stale, odd, or foul smells in your car can cost you big when it comes time to sell it.  And, car odor may be a festering health concern to your family.  And, it will take more than a handy-dandy air freshener to mask the problems of years of food, kids, dogs, and unfortunate spills that have happened.

Even used car dealers know that a “stinkmobile” isn’t going to go for top dollar.  People are quickly turned off by smelly cars, and that means the car sits on the lot far too long.

Car odors can force you to drop the price to keep make the sale.  And, the more expensive your car is, the greater the loss from smells like pets, smoking, and accidental spills.

But, it will take more than a wash and wax, quick vacuum, and vinyl shine to bring top dollar.  The first rule is to keep your car’s interior clean.  Stale food odors come from the unwillingness to take out the trash as quickly as possible.  Vacuum when you wash the car, and open the window if you smoke so it sucks out as much of the smoke as possible.

However, normal life always happens; and it is a good idea to find a professional service that can not only detail your car.  Find one that knows how to get the odors out … from our Call Remy director, of course.

It makes years to stink up a car, and cleaning helps; but not enough.  The process requires a variety of eco-safe treatments that will neutralize the odor at the source.  Do not mask odor with flowery fragrances.  Go to a professional service that knows how to get odors out.  If that doesn’t work, it is too far gone; and you’ll just have to suffer a beating on the price.

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