Features of the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer

Professionals are asking some important questions about the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer.  No one doubts the effectiveness of electrostatic sprayer, but these systems previously had price tags in the $3000+ range.  So, the $1500 is much more affordable, but only if performs like the $3000 model.

Having used both of the Victory electrostatic sprayer, I felt that there was a lot to commend this product.  Here are the things I thought were great, or not so great.

Adjustable Nozzle:  The spray goes from 30 microns to 80 microns by quickly rotating the sprayer nozzle with the supplied tool.  The tool also removes the whole spray head in case you forgot to clean it and and need to clear any clogs out.

If you want to be sparing, the light or medium setting is more than enough.  If you need to power your way through the job, the heavy setting delivers plenty of product.  

Battery Power Electrostatic SpryaerBattery Life: The backpack has an replaceable 18 volt battery with more than six hours of run time.  During our test, there was no loss of power.  And the LED power indicators allow you to keep track of available power.  If you need more, just have a backup battery ready to go.  It seems like this system could run all day and all night if you keep a battery on the charge and on in use.

Output:  The backpack system have more push power than the handheld, but there is no reason to need distance spraying for the most jobs.  Both units are handy and can cover large areas in short order.   As someone who used ozone generators in the past, I can get jobs done faster and take on even large jobs because one sprayer is only limited by how much product you have on hand.

Reloading:  The detachable tanks for both systems make refilling pretty simple.  

Ozone can only treat so many square feet over a period of hours.  The electrostatic sprayer can effectively treat small or large jobs in shorter treatment periods.  The handheld sprayer is better for anyone with small job demands.  Professionals will like the backpack more.

In our opinion, the Victory Electrostatic sprayer is a winner.  It is well-developed and well-engineered.  It is light and unencumbered by power cords and hoses.  The mobility of either unit make quick work of the job.  

The only con I could find was the backpack is a problem in tight quarters.  So, in crawlspaces and attics may cause some distress, but what equipment we use for mold isn't award?