Finding the Source of Odors

There are a few basic tools I use to find or detect the source of odors or the presence of mold.  Obviously, your nose is the most obvious way to find the odor source, but odors can be transient and hard to locate. Some odors are almost everywhere, or they waft about making it difficult to determine the source.  And, odor elimination is best resolved by treated the source first, and the general area next.  So, a pet urine smell likely has a few "Favorite Spots" that will not resolve with a general odor treatment.

The most-promoted odor elimination sprays are the most temporary of cure.  Fragrances con cover or trap odors, but we all know those odors come back until the source of the odor is treated.  Look, a piece of fish in the trash can will always defeat "Odor Controlling" sprays though there might be some temporary relief from sprays.  The classic and fundamental rule for successful odor removal is to neutralize the problem at the source.

To treat the real odor problem, you must find and apply to cure at the at the source.  Otherwise, every odor treatment process is only partially effective and mostly temporary.

The top tool I keep handy is a moisture meter.  This affordable device lets me discover the most likely source of odors.  Damp areas are really just water.  And, if they are water, the potential for mold is the other concern.  

Treating odors with H Factor is done by saturating the critical odor area, then applying the spray throughout the building.  

Success in odor removal comes down to the completeness of the treatment, and that is rarely a simple spray.  Cleaning is always job number one for odor elimination.  Then, the service must focus in on the keys areas of the odor.  So, a curry smell is mostly located in the kitchen though it can be smelled throughout the house.  So, H Factor is used as a cleaning spray for every inch of the kitchen, including the range hood.  Then, the house and air ducts are treated with a spray of H Factor.

Pet odor, on the other hand, is mostly in the carpet, so spray H Factor into urine spots; then use the diluted product to extract the carpet.  H Factor is an All-in-One solution with the ability to eliminate odors, kill mold and mildew, and sanitize whatever it touches.