Foaming Sprayer for Mold Remediation

I had the opportunity to visit a mold remediation where the service provider used the 5 liter foaming sprayer.  This is the smart solution for mold threats.  The foam does a great job, and it is easy to see the coverage.  H Factor foams nicely allowing the product to saturate the area, it the foam lasts for about ten minutes.  At just $140, this is a fantastic deal for something every person treat mold needs on hand.  

CAF (compressed air foam) is really effective.  Unlike mist sprayer, there is no product pushed into the air.  Or very little over-spray.  So, the PPE is pretty much eye protection.  

Mold will fire off its spores if disturbed or threatened.  When hit by the smothering foam, there is no time for spores to escape.  H Factor kills mold and mildew on contact, so the foam is fantastic for initial mold kill.  Foam is also the best way treat high areas, hard to reach areas, and quick cover large areas.

Anyone who has treated attic or crawlspace will absolutely love the ability to shoot a foaming spray over irregular, odd areas, and narrow places.  And, you see the coverage as it happens.  And, the five liter size is easy to handle and still covers a lot of surface.