—-  Free Listing  —-

Call Remy ServicesWe offer a great opportunity for service-type business to get a free listing that will rank high on their local search engines.  Call Remy is unlike every other service directory for many reasons.  First is the sheer cost of participation.  We do not charge customers or service providers to make a connection.  And, service providers may select a free listing, an optimized listing ($48/yr), of a featured list as a verified and customer-ranked member ($98/yr)

Our mission is simple.  We make connections between customers and service providers, and we do not charge to provide those leads.  Neither do we SHARE those leads with 5-10 other competitors making the leads mostly worthless.

Any good service provider can get listed on the Call Remy service directory.  So, the door is wide open to use our powerful business portal.  Just use the Add a Listing tab to add your business at any time, and there is no charge for this free listing.

—-  Optimized Listing  —-

Optimized Listings require that our staff spend time refining your listing to gradually move up on the search engine listings.  Remember that any leads are 100% yours with no fee applied, whether one or one hundred.  Our team uses the power of Yoast SEO to optimize your listing for your city/area/state.

After listing your site, a $48/yr fee option.

—-  Featured Listing  —-

Featured Listings require some verification to assure the quality of your service.  We will ask for a proper website URL, reliable contact information, and that you earn at least three customer referrals at your listing.

If you submit a usable article to us, we may post it and give your URL an important link.

After listing your site, a $98/yr fee option



Information about Optimized or Featured listing will follow

We are using Yoast SEO, full time marketing people, and a family of service provider associates  to drive CallRemy Service Directory to the top of local search engines in every city … including yours.  The value of our program is the persistent effort that will prove to be a source of new business for our members.