Yes, it is true.  We are allowing a free business listing on our service directory.  And, free means free … at least in 2017.  Your professional service can be listed free of charge.  And, any referrals, leads, or links to your website (or phone) are free too.  After all, any growing service business needs all the exposure it can get, and CallRemy is a very specific service directory that can only help local people find your business.

We do not sell leads, and never will.  We are a project of Environmental Remediation Services Association (  And, we are interested in helping service companies building their professional standards for the emerging industry of remediation services.

This includes mold services, carpet cleaning, inspection services, odor removal, trauma scene cleanup, duct cleaning, and more.  We differ from the other services that sell leads to you and ten of your competitors.  As long as your company continues with a good reputation, supported by a quality trained worker program, and high standards; we are happy to invite your listing.

To be fair, a listen on this Service Directory is 100% free in 2017 as we built an ultra-powerful website.  In 2018, the fee is a simple, one-time $48 for the year.  So, we have all our cards on the table.  There is never an obligation except a commitment to excellence service to your customers and community.

Here is an important fact about being listed on the CallRemy Service Directory.  This directory is highly localized, so any calls or leads are real live people with real needs.  There are no fake listing, fake leads, or hidden costs.  As we grow, so will the leads your business gets from this well-planned service directory.   Read more

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