How to Use Electrostatic Sprayer

The introduction of the battery-powered electrostatic sprayer has changed the Best Practices for sanitizing, odor elimination, and mold treatment.  Thus far, sanitizing was an arduous task of hand scrubbing every square inch with some not--so-safe sanitizing products.  Classically, schools, day cares, and medical offices used bleach to sanitize.  But, bleach produces strong volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause health issues for cleaners and customers.

New products can be applied with a "No Touch" system that reduces the intense labor (and costs) and still achieve six and sevel log kill of latent pathogen.  Gyms are particularly vunerable to odors, skin diseases, and fungal threats in the bathroom or shower area.  Imagine the ability to safely and quickly solve odors and disease threats in minutes.

Day care facilities and schools know the amount of work that must be applied during fast-moving infections.  Beyond the cost of labor to thoughly sanitize, schools loose revenue for absentee students.  The same concerns happen for the office or workplace.  Infections will come and go, but this program can minimize the impact.