Diligent Decon

When you are faced with an unpleasant odor and require an odor removal, the method used to remove the odor is very important.  Some companies who provide this service, use machines known as ozone machines.  Ozone Machines do a good job generally removing odors, however they pose health risks to people, animals and plants.  When running an ozone machine, you must avoid the property while it is in use.

DILIGENT DECONTAMINATION uses a hydroxyl machine to perform odor removal.  Hydroxyl Machines can be used with people, animals & plants in the property at the same time.  This means that not only are we able to provide a healthier and safer environment, but we can cut the time of labor involved in removing the odor within your property, because we don’t have to vacate the premises while performing the odor removal.  In addition, hydroxyl machines produce a better result versus ozone machines, so you are getting a healthier and better result.

Before we begin removing the odor, we first remove the source of the odor.  Any attempts to perform an odor removal service without first removing the source will result in the odor returning or not even being removed at all.  This would result in higher costs to you and frustration in the odor’s persistence.  The DILIGENT DECONTAMINATION process of removing the source includes properly handling the materials causing the odor, applying a disinfectant if necessary, and using the proper protection equipment while doing the source removal.  Once the source is removed, we will begin the odor removal process.  Typically, odor removal can take 2-3 days, depending on the cause of the odor and size of the property.

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