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$99 Fee for Professional Mold Inspections

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Free Mold Inspection in Plainfield” are never free!  Someone is paying for the gas, time, and effort to do the inspection.  Many mold companies suck in gullible customers with a Free Mold Inspection that turns into a high-powered, scare tactic sales situation.  We are an independent and fair mold inspection that is on your side to inspect and test for mold.  But, we also guide our customers to the best and most affordable solutions.  Do not put your family at the mercy of a “Free Mold Inspection” that represent the most expensive service in town.

The GreenSoft Group offers truly independent and professional mold inspection and mold testing services.  We are not offering free mold inspections as a ploy to get a high-pressure sales rep in the door.  Our independent opinion means we are on your side, and we make sure that you get good advice and a quality solution for any mold problem.

Part of our service to our customers is an honest evaluation and protection from abuse by aggressive mold remediation firms.  In fact, we can even act as the customer’s consultant during mold remediation, performance independent final testing, and provide a mold clearance letter to the bank, lenders, or new buyer.

Our $99 fee assures your that there are no games being played or fear hype to secure a high cost mold solution.  Fees for mold removal can quickly exceed $10,000 (needlessly), so the price of an independent mold inspection service is kind of like a rip-off insurance policy.

We are OSHA mold inspection certified, able to perform residential or commercial mold inspections, and diagnose the real cause of the molds problem.  We also offer professional odor removal services as needed.  Real estate for sale often need a mold inspection and sanitizing service to remove mold, destroy odors, sanitize the rooms, and get rid of cooking odors.

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