Mold Test KC

odor Elimination

If it’s foul, noxious, funky, or gross, Mold Test Kansas City has the equipment and know-how to kill it. Our job isn’t just getting rid of the odor. It’s eliminating the odor’s source bacteria, so it doesn’t come back.

¤ Vomit, pets, trapped animal, body odor.
¤ Urine, tobacco, fire damage.

Every Odor Situation Is Different

I’ll give you a customized solution and then fix your odor problem using my arsenal of air filtration equipment, industrial-strength enzymes, carpet steamers, and ozone generators.

Common Types of Odor We Deal With

¤ Vomit, pets, trapped animal, body odor

¤ Whether it is trapped in the carpet, your air ducts, or your mattress, Mold Test KC has the equipment (and stomach) to handle it.

Not Just Homes & Businesses

We’ll get a bad smell out of cars too.

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