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Roach Busters Pest Control gets rid of all kinds of nuisance pests in your Kenner, Louisiana home. The Southeastern U.S.’ warm climate means bugs live longer and are more likely to sneak their way in, but our experienced pest control experts will solve your pest problem for good. We offer $50 off any new pest control contract with us.


There are five different common breeds of roaches that can infest your home. Their job in nature is to recycle decaying organic material, and they are found in waste deposits and kitchens where spoiled food is present. You may here a clicking or chirping noise when roaches are present, and they emit an unpleasant odor. Roach Busters Pest Control removes these shudder-inducing bugs by reducing cockroach attractants, finding the entry point for the cockroaches, and sealing up any cracks and opening that may be allowing the roaches to come in. Then removal methods such as glue boards, baits, and residuals are used to get rid of the roaches, depending on which method will work for the home and the situation.


Both roof and Norway rats can be a problem in your home. Roof rats are smaller with smooth fur. They like to nest in piles of garbage or wood and hide in upper parts of buildings. They also reproduce quickly. If you see one rat, there may be more, but without actually seeing the pests, signs of infestation are droppings, grease marks on the walls, and nests. Norway rats are larger with rough fur and infestation signs include gnaw marks on food and utility lines, and droppings. If you see a rat during the day, your infestation is probably large. By using traps and toxic baits, we can get rid of rats quickly. Expert application is needed to ensure effectiveness and safety.

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