NWA Duct Cleaning

NWA Duct Cleaning specializes in guaranteed techniques of contact vacuuming and source removal in our air purification process. Many current vendors use the old negative air system that requires a 2′ round hole to be cut in the HVAC system and can take up to 3 times longer to complete. Our system uses a vacuum and a rotating brush on a flexible system to thoroughly clean the inside of your ducts without spreading contaminates and allows us to reach and clean those hard to get areas within your ducts and HVAC system. During cleaning, the material collected from your ducts is safely stored in our system for removal from the home or business without any extra mess. Often no modifications to the current duct-work is needed, but when necessary access panels may be installed to ensure a thoroughly cleaned system that will still functions properly.

Air handling equipment, including all fresh air intake and return ducts, heating and cooling coils, and fans are thoroughly washed to purge them of dirt and contaminants. Air diffusers and grilles are thoroughly washed, reset to previous positions, and put back into place.

In addition to complete cleaning and inspection services, NWA Duct Cleaning restores HVAC systems with:

  • antimicrobial coatings
  • surface coatings for deteriorated fiberglass
  • coating for rusted metal surfaces
  • drain pan coating
  • insulation replacement

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