Odor Eliminators

Odor Eliminators is your go-to professional carpet cleaning company. We use a dry carpet cleaning process, keeping your carpets virtually dry during the cleaning process. Professional Dry process carpet cleaning will help keep your carpets cleaner longer due to no residue left behind to attract dirt. Since it is all natural, and the cleaner is biodegradable, our carpet cleaning service is 100% safe for your family and pets.

Minnesota seasons can be hard on your carpets, especially during the winter and spring months. Tracking in snow and mud creating traffic dirt on the carpet, and creating dampness which may allow for mold growth. Odor Eliminators is a professional carpet cleaning company utilizing a dry carpet cleaning process that removes dirty spots (stains) and heavy use traffic lanes more effectively than other types of carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning reduces the chances of mold forming on your carpet after the cleaning.

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