In the ERSAI “Hall of Remediation Hero’s”, Erick Saavedra offers odor removal in Houston for homes, cars, office and workplace, schools, and sports facilities.

In 2008 I started investing in Real Estate with the burst of the bubble, in 2010 he was laid off from a Tech company where he had worked for 13 years. The job market was kind of bad at that time in the Tech industry, so he started to look for other alternatives including starting his own business.

After researching multiple options, Erick found a need that was undeserved.  It was the professional service of odor removal.   He instinctively knew about this, because when he was doing real estate investing he walked through many houses that needed to have the air clean and odors removal from the previous owners who had left the house abandoned in a bad condition. A regular cleaning was not good enough to clean and sanitize these houses to have them ready for the next family who were going to live in it. Then he started looking for current solutions and technology available to do that and founded Earth Blue Systems, LLC as a professional odor removal service.

The name is based on the fact that we use Ozone “O3” as one of the most effective solutions to clean, sanitize, and kill or remove all bad odors.  The layer of Ozone on the earth has a blue color and it is an echo system of the earth.

Earth Blue Systems specializes in Odor Removal.  His team remove all kind of bad, faulty odors from properties or vehicles. Those odors that don’t go away by just cleaning or airing it out. The most common odors we treat are smoke odors created by people who smoke inside a house for many years and it is impregnated on walls and every piece of furniture in the house.

Another bad odor comes from pets, pets’ urine, where owners had one or multiple pets in the house for many years and that smell is attached to the house.

Other odors have been skunks running inside the house, disease animals or people that were found in the house, curry odor from previous people who cooked with many species, and multiple other type of smells. We can do it pretty much all of them.

Find Odor Removal in Houston Texas

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