Call Remy is a special kind of service directory.  We focus on the kind of services that solve environmental issues that affect your life.  Odor removal services may seem like an unusual business, but it is far more practical that people think.  Many odors are embedded and not removed by regular cleaning.  And, are generally best discovered when people walk in from the fresh air.

As life happens, so do the unkind problems of mold, floods, foul odors, allergies, and dirty carpets.  We make things worse by keeping pet inside, smoking, cooking of ethnic foods, and even some bad behavior by renters.

Odor removal requires more than an over-promoted fragrance spray to mask the odors … that always come back.  The challenge is to solve the odor problem at the source.  Professionals know how to remove odor without adding even more chemicals to your home.

Finding an odor removal services can be done with a Google search.  Call Remy is the best way to find a professional service.  Just search for your state and city, and the Call Remy website will locate a local service provider.

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