There are several reasons for bad smells, so odor removal may be hard to fully accomplish.  Smells can waft about, defy your best cleaning efforts, and return shortly after a spray of over-hyped fragrances.

Chemical Odors

We see many odor sources, and the underlying problem may be hard to determine.   Chemicals can be the source, and this could include things like cigarette smoke, fire, or products used in the past.  Even paint, new carpet, and new furniture can shove a huge amount of nasty chemicals into the air.  These are called volatile organic compounds, and they are never good for you or your family.

Organic Odors

Most smells are “Organic”, and this is not a good thing.  Without getting too scientific, there is a film or abundance of organic matter in every living or working space.  We try to minimize the organic gunk by cleaning, wiping, vacuuming, and general maintenance; but that is not enough.

That stale, foul, or funky smell that hangs in homes or workplace may be more about the bacteria than the cleaning program.  But, cleaning is always your primary resource.  Bacteria happy live, thrive, and multiply on the scant amount of organic material in all living spaces.  That unseen film or debris is a feast for bad bacteria.  They eat and eat, reproduce, and pass long foul gas (germ farts) and feces.  An ugly truth, but fairly accurate.

So, odor removal may start with cleaning, but that may not be enough.  Professionals know that killing the bacteria is the way to solve the problem … not a flowery masking fragrance.  Starting with ozone generators, the area is sanitized and germ are killed.

These professionals may also apply an antimicrobial treatment after neutralizing the odor source to prevent “Bacteria Rebound” causing the odors to return as the bacteria repopulate.

Odor Removal – Who Ya Gonna Call

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