Sanitizing Pet Care, Pet Boarding, Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Care SanitizingThe number of diseases affecting pets are many and serious.  In the last few years, dog flu forced the closing of doggie day care, pet boarding, and veterinary offices while workers diligently scrub every square inch of the building.  Unfortunately, such sanitizing efforts are difficult, expensive, and short lived.  There is a need for a better, proactive, and easily applied solution.  

To break the power of an infection, cleaning and sanitizing should become a more-often repeated process to maintain a high level of protection.  Who could afford hiring workers to scrub the building each night, and maintain a quick response to pet accidents.  

The solution is really quite simple if it were known that we have the tools and products to radically change how pet care facilities can maintain a high-degree of infection prevention.

Let's start with H Factor that kills odors and offers a seven log sanitizer.  Seven log sanitizing is a 99.99999% kill ration.  Germs number in the billions per square inch, so even a poorly applied sanitizer rated at 99.9% isn't enough.  These store-bought sanitizing products must stay on the surface for 8-10 minutes.  Just read the instructions on the back of the bottle.  Then, clean the area.

This is called Dwell Time, and no one knows about this.  If the workers simply "Spray and Wipe" like you know they do, the sanitizer is of little value.  So, let's change the process to be quicker, more effective,a nd easy to apply.

Take our 5 liter foaming sprayer that can be on site and ready as needed.  Simply give it a few pumps and treat large areas in seconds.  This is "Point and Shoot" in specific areas.  The foam lasts for about ten minutes, and can be sprayed on urine, feces, vomit, or blood to fully neutralize the problem.

The foaming process can used in smaller areas or larger areas in quick fashion.  The product is environmentally safe, and can be washed away with a water spray.  This product can be prepared in the tank so it is ready at any time.  Since this is no gas or chemical residue, only modest care needs to be taken during the cleanup.  Then, activity can quickly return to normal