Every manager or property management firm routinely struggles with bad odors in empty apartments.  And, they know that bad odors are a serious turn-off for prospective renters.  And, a smelly apartment does not rent quickly.  Turning-over vacant apartment definitely affects cash flow and month revenue reports.

The normal routine is general cleaning, carpet cleaning, and maybe paint.  While this process works fine for 50% of vacant apartments, there are others that still hold the smell  … and odor do return once the paint smell passes.

Cigarette smoke is one of the most persistent odors, and cleaning and paint will not be enough.  Once paint fully tires, it becomes porous again, and the layer of smoke film will be an annoying odor that last for years.

Pet odors are another common odor problem for apartments, even if the complex doesn’t allow animals.  People will still keep pets, and pets will mark their territory and have accidents as well.

Most odor treatments are a semi-novel masking process using a mixture of fragrance and some secret odor-cancelling ingredient.  But, you have to ask, why do people need to constantly buy and re-buy these products.  The odor is not resolved, just covered … and that is not good for anyone.

Odor removal professionals know that cleaning is just the first important step, but it is always best to treat odor problems at the source.  They do not rely on fragrances, but on environmentally-friendly processes that destroy the source.

Removing odor is not a single step.  The bad odor didn’t happen in a day, week, or month.  And, they will not resolve easily.  It is foolish to think that a spray or cleaning product will actually resolve the real odor problem.

Certain products do than temporally mask odors.  Ozone treatments are an effective process once a serious cleaning process.  Just realize that the average worker does not know the proper way to use an ozone generator.

There are liquid oxidizing systems that mist every part of the apartment with special emphasis on trouble areas.  Combining both of these processes to treat odors at the source, and acts at the microbial level.  In other words, if the odor source is neutralized, the odor will not return.

Finally, there are a select few essential oils that are known as “Odor Modifiers”.  These essential oils may not have a strong scent, but they do leave a pleasant smell when applied.  Essential oil odor modifiers are not the “Brute Force” of ozone and the oxidizing spray, but is the third part of a three punch process that delivers maximum results.

There is a real art to be a success as a professional odor removal service.  Find a professional odor removal service near you at CallRemy.com

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