ULV Fogger with 4' Hose

The ULV fogger (Ultra Low Volume) is a mainstay of many remediation services.  This one is durable and compact that is made for the rough handling by workers.  At 1.3 gallons, the fogger holds enough to treat the whole house without hauling around heavy or bulky equipment.  The 4' hose with flow value is specially calibrated for the best spray for our type of application. 

-  Dimensions:8" W x 13.5" L x 12" H
-  Weight:7 lbs.
-  Hose Length:48"
-  Flow Rate:0-18 oz/min
-  Tank Capacity:6 liters (1.5 gallons)
-  Fogger Type:Cold mist or fog
-  Blower:Dual stage blower
-  Motor: 19,980 RPM 115 V
-  Power Required:115 V 8 amps
We really like this model for ease of use.  Carry the unit in your left hand, and the hose in the right to quickly treat large areas.  The flow control allows light or heavier treatments.

. $325 USD and free shipping