Victory Electrostatic Sprayer Reviewed

Victory Electrostatic SprayerThere has been a love/hate relationship with electrostatic sprayers.  We love how well they treat the area, but we have the trouble of power cords, dragging equipment, and hoses to the spray wand.  Well, the Victory electrostatic sprayer has just become our tool of choice because they have solve every issue on our wish list.

Here of the list of features we found during the initial test.

1- Great Power:  The system does not lack for power.  The spray pushes out with more than enough distance
Three Nozzles:  Quickly change the nozzle from light, medium, or heavy.  Range 30-80 microns, which is perfect
Battery Life:  Easily get 6 hours of continuous use with the system.  Or add a second battery for quick refresh.
Backpack Design: Anyone who has struggled with power cords & stretched to do the job will love the convenience of this system.  This will speed up the job and still give full coverage ... even in hard-to-reach areas.

5- The tank pops off for convenient filling.  It holds more than two gallons of product, so covering large or small jobs is never a concern.
6- Power indicator: They even built-in led display for quick reference of power level of the battery.
Weight: The backpack rides nicely on the back, and is not a weight issue.
Design: The Victory electrostatic sprayer has a professional look that says you know what you are doing.

We tried the Victory electrostatic sprayer  in test areas and in actual jobs.  The bottom line is this electrostatic sprayer is as close to perfect as anything we have used.  The electrostatic charge attracts the spray to surfaces for better coverage and less over-spray.  If you like your ULV fogger, you will love the Victory electrostatic sprayer.  There are a couple of solid reasons for this statement.

We find that we are nearly cutting treatment time by a third, but still delivering a high-quality treatment to every surface.  The spray wand allows the applicator to reach into all areas and waste less time struggling with cords and equipment.

Use your normal PPE, but you will have much less trouble with over-spray as more product is literally pulled to the contact surfaces instead of blowing into the air.

Because less product shoots into the air, more product reaches the surface.  Typically, an electrostatic sprayer will get more square feet per gallon than a ULV fogger.  

If you think that $1500 is pricey, you will be pleased to know that electrostatic sprayers were $3000 to $3500 for systems that are now out-dated systems.  In our opinion, the Victory backpack electrostatic sprayer is top of the heap and a great value.  This is one piece of equipment that you will be happy you bought for years into the future.