Xytofresh Essential Oil - Odor Modification

XytoFreshXytoFresh is an concentrate product that is made from a special blend of essential oils.  Some essential oils are therapeutic, some are fragrant, and some are termed "Odor Modifiers".  And, odor modifiers provide an interesting and important aspect to how we treat odors.

In a simple explanation, our sense of smell recognizes patterns.  Some are pleasant, some are interesting, and some our unpleasant.  Using shapes as an explanation, odor modifiers quickly bond with existing odors to form a new pattern  That new pattern is not offensive, so the problem is solved at the source.  

XytoFresh is a fantastic way to treat odors, and is particulary good at misting systems.  Large areas like farms, waste areas, manufacturers, and sewer treatment combine a tank, small pump, and several high-placed mist heads around the perimeter.  Mix one gallon with one hundred gallons of water for this type application.

When using the product for inside applications, the mix is 2-4 ounces per gallon.  This product can be applied after cleaning carpets to further deordorize, and even heavily applied to odor spots.  Mist area with a ULV fogger or sprayer.  The effects are permanent, and can be adjusted to the need.

$95 USD free shipping in the U.S. except HI & AK

The more we use XytoFresh, the more ways we find it improves the job.  While there are some applications where you can use XytoFresh, we see it as a fantastic add-on treatment that really helps with customer satisfaction.  This scent was developed for the used car division of Mercedes Benz, but has caught on in home, hotels, restaurants, and carpet care.  As a 100% natural product, it is very safe for nearly any application.